First Aid Training For Parents

Keeping Children Safe



We are registered nurses who come to you!

In addition to delivering fully accredited First Aid & CPR courses we now also deliver classes specifically for parents, grandparents, carers and mothers' groups. Babies are welcome to come along!

These 2.5hr non accredited courses are delivered by qualified first aid trainers who are also registered nurses, and parents. The training is delivered in your own home at a time that suits you (min class size is 6 people or a min cost of $450).

special-price-75-largerOnly $75pp to learn these life saving skills and each participant gets a FREE First Aid Book.

We cover CPR for infants, children & adults, choking, drowning, asthma, anaphylaxis, poisoning, seizures, head injuries, burns, fractures, bites, stings & much more.

In each class

We teach you how to perform CPR to help save a child's life

and how to deal with all the most common childhood emergencies



By using state-of-the-art manikins which have lights and sounds we give each learner instant feedback on their CPR technique. These manikins also have "real" lungs so you really do get to feel what it's like when you have a clear airway.

We include demonstrations and an opportunity for you to perform CPR on an infant, child and adult sized manikin.



Every parent's worst nightmare when you are introducing solids and finger food is seeing your child choking.

We teach you how to remain calm and quickly and effectively remove the object and clear the airway.

We also include tips and tricks on how to avoid a choking incident in the first place.



We teach you how to competently perform CPR on a drowning victim.

We provide information on shallow water blackout  (the danger of children holding their breath under water for long periods) and we teach you how to be aware of secondary drowning.

Water safety is a must !


Asthma & Anaphylaxis

We teach you how to be prepared to act in an emergency Asthma or Anaphylactic situation.

We discuss first aid care plus management plans that will be needed for childcare centres and schools.

Demonstrations on puffers, spacers and EpiPen use is included in our child first aid course for parents.


Burns & Scalds

The initial first aid care following a burn is vital in ensuring the best outcome for your child. A child’s sensitive skin burns far more easily than adult skin. Children under four years, especially those aged between one and two years ,are most at risk due to their increased mobility and natural curiosity.

We will teach you the do's and dont's of how to treat a burn in the crucial first few minutes.



Breaks are almost a rite of passage for a lot of children. They are the fourth most common injury among children under six years old.

We teach you how to treat the initial break and how to reduce the risk of further damage by avoiding any weight bearing activities and restricting movement.

And much, much more!

Bites and Stings

Head Injuries



Debunking old wives tales

Common poisons & toxins and how to avoid them

Advice on First Aid Kit construction



Would a public class suit you better?


In association with BABY OF MINE in Mona Vale  we also run regular public classes.

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Prepare yourself

Approximately 60% of accidents happen within the family home. Knowing what to do in the face of an emergency can help save a life.