First Aid for Teenagers

Empowering your teenager through First Aid

This 2.5 hr course is delivered by qualified first aid trainers who are also registered nurses and parents.

This course is very practical and is suitable for ages 10 – 17 yrs.

We aim to empower your child and their friends by showing them how to act in an emergency while also showing them how to keep themselves safe. There are NO exams and it is a LOT of fun!


We come to your home for groups of 6-22 at a cost of $75pp or a min spend of $450.

Give your teen and their friends the knowledge and confidence to help each other in an emergency with no adults present.


Who is this training suitable for?

This is the perfect course for:

  • All kids aged 10-17 yrs

We can also deliver an age appropriate class to younger children but only with a parent present.


How to organise your class

  1. Speak with your children and their friend's parents to see who is interested in joining you for the training.
  2. Once you have a group of 6-22 interested we are ready to organise a date.
  3. Decide if you would like a week day or a weekend and what time of day would suit you best.
  4. Contact us and we will confirm availability.
  5. Once we have agreed on a date and time we will gather more booking information and we are all locked in.
  6. We will contact you 48hrs prior to the training to confirm your numbers.

What we cover

In each class we cover:

  • CPR for infants and adults,
  • Choking
  • Drowning
  • Asthma & Anaphylaxis
  • Poisoning
  • Seizures
  • Head Injuries
  • How to deal with a person suffering from the effects of drugs or alcohol
  • Burns
  • Fractures
  • Bites & Stings
  • ...and much more.

At the end of each class we are happy to answer individual questions or discuss topics that you are concerned about.


On the day

  • We bring everything needed for the training
  • A regular sized lounge room is plenty of space
  • Parents can sit in at no cost
  • Our trainers are all police checked and certified to work with children
  • No need to take notes as everyone gets a FREE first aid book and emergency response poster to take home.

The only thing we ask you to provide is a parking spot on the day as our trainers carry a LOT of equipment

Additional information

  • Each class is tailored to your interests and needs
  • Delivered at a time and place that fits in with you and your child's routines.
  • Parents are welcome to sit in at no cost.
  • All training is delivered by fully accredited First Aid Trainers who are also registered nurses and parents
  • FREE First Aid book
  • FREE Emergency response poster
  • First Aid products available for purchase
  • All of our accredited training is backed by a national Registered Training Organisation HEALTHCORP 91222
  • Small classes and personal attention allows you to learn with confidence
  • Our state of the art training Manikins and Defibrillators allow for easier learning
  • Focus is on providing a hands on approach to maximise learning
  • We take the fear and confusion out of first aid by teaching in a fun and friendly manner.

When delivering the training in your home we do ask you to provide a parking spot for the trainer as we carry a LOT of equipment.

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